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Temperature Control Logistics, also known as cold chain or cool chain logistics, involves the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

There are several challenges in ensuring the successful storage, transportation, and delivery of temperature-controlled shipments. While cold chain food logistics may require uninterrupted handling of goods within low-temperature environments to preserve or ensure their shelf life, Life Science Logistics, Healthcare logistics, or Biopharma logistics include the transport and storage of things like: biological materials for clinical trials, proteins and cells tissues, organs and blood samples, drugs and medicines, vaccines etc.

Transporting such materials safely and reliably means that special attention is needed for various aspects of the logistical process. This includes:

  • Finding a RELIABLE temperature-controlled logistics partner
  • Using SPECIALIZED thermal and refrigerated packaging methods
  • EXPERT logistical planning, execution, and delivery


With expertise in transporting various materials for life sciences organizations and food and perishable goods producers, we provide RELIABLE, SPECIALIZED, and FAST door-to-door transport, and can handle all your temperature-controlled logistics, cold chain, cool chain, and refrigerated transport needs.


Packaging & Pickup
  • Providing packaging materials
  • Assistance in the preparation of special documents
  • Picking up your clinical trial materials, live tissues, blood, embryos, organs, medicines, or bulk drugs from anywhere in the world, at any time — day or night


Compliance & Monitoring
  • Using temperature-controlled transportation to keep medical materials within range over short or long distances, or providing a custom-built container to protect a delicate prototype
  • Checking for compliance and shipping via the fastest, safest route
  • Arranging delivery options that range from Next Flight Out and/or Air Charter


Clearance & Delivery
  • Monitoring progress throughout transit with multiple operational checkpoints to maintain the integrity and safety of your shipments
  • Tracking weather and other global events, and rerouting your shipments as needed to avoid potential delays
  • Customs clearance

Advanced cellular and gene therapies require well-defined cold-chain management solutions that reduce risk and include all elements of packaging and logistics expertise to ensure high-quality, effective treatments reach the point of care, and ultimately, the patient. Cell and gene therapies and certain other biopharmaceuticals are inherently fragile and require exacting control of environmental conditions to maintain efficacy. The preservation media, shipping temperatures and freeze/thaw methodology can have a profound impact on biologic material viability and functionality.

A temperature excursion can affect the quality and efficacy of the product and eventually the results of the clinical trial assessment. Additionally, special packaging materials that are designed for range of temperature depending on the material have to be used for effective transportation and delivery. AJW Special Services understand these requirements and follow them using a strict process management with highly trained staff.

  • Effective and secure Domestic and Global Network.
  • 24/7 Service Capabilit
  • Validated temperature Controlled Service..
  • Full Range of validated packaging solutions including Cryo Shipper.
  • 24/7 Direct to any location including hospital/pharmacy delivery.
  • Inventory management and information systems
  • lATA compliance for dangerous goods.
  • Personalised care for every aspect starting for Documents Preparation
  • All. TCL shipments travel on NFO mode. Transit times are therefore the fastest in the industry.
  • Standard Operating Processes have been honed over 10 plus years with tutelage gained from working with global experts.
  • TCL services are highly Customised and monitored. Tracking is available and communicated to shippers by the hour!
  • All TCL jobs are pre-planned in every aspect, Documentation, Space booking and Transit time, Customs Clearance (as perishable Cargo) and Delivery.

Experts advise to evaluate your shipping needs are available and we do suggest the most suitable packaging and Temp Control items. The Greatest of Importance is given to the integrity of your temperature controlled shipments. And we always build in the required factor of safety to take of any unexpected transit delays.

  • Shortest transit time in the Industry. And can be improved where practically possible.
  • We are available and at your Service 24/7 with notice and prior appointment.
  • The locations we serve are substantial and customisable to include new Cities when required.
  • Validated packaging.
  • Dry-ice and Gel-packs.
  • Temperature loggers.
  • Customer Service support that exceeds expectations.

Distribution, packaging, expertise, process information and service support to achieve movement of temperature controlled products.

Understanding customer requirements for clearance of your goods as a Perishable item in a few hours of arrival is routine for us. AJSS works across all Indian Airports and has the expertise of having handled 1000’s of TCL jobs. Hence Customs Clearance at Ports in India and all Global Ports is a pre-planned and well orchestrated effort that has been successful for every job we have handled so far.


Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Companies

Bulk Drug Manufacturers

Contract Manufacturers

Healthcare Providers


Fertility Clinics

Health Care Diagnostics Companies

Clinical Research Organizations

Contract Research Organizations

University Research Centers

Institutional Research Centers



Gene Therapy

Vaccine Manufacturers

Food Logistics


We understand your need! From packaging to transportation to delivery, our temperature control courier services are designed to meet YOUR specific needs and ensure a seamless service experience.

TCL Expertise

Our special pharmaceutical transportation and food logistics services understand your cold chain requirements and deliver what you need with strict process management and highly trained staff.

From using appropriate gel packs, dry ice supplies for packaging and top-up replenishments, getting updated shipment status information, handling regulatory clearances, validation services, and project management, you can rely on us!

Packaging Quality

Our innovative temperature controlled solutions ensures fail-safe transportation in frozen, chilled, and ambient modes using dry-ice, gel packs, and liquid nitrogen that delivers packaging performance temperatures that range from -80°C, – 20°C, 2 – 8°C, and 15 – 25°C, for varying distribution times.

Our packaging is sourced from the best suppliers available who use recyclable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective material.

Domestic and International TCL Solutions

We offer TCL solutions domestically and to most International cities using partner networks that are among the best in the World. Backed by an extensive and reliable network, we can transport your TCL package to any part of the world.


Innovative and Smart Distribution

  • Efficient and secure domestic and global network
  • 24/7 service direct to any location including hospital/pharmacy delivery
  • Validated temperature-controlled service
  • Full range of validated packaging solutions, including Cryo Shipper
  • Inventory management and information systems
  • IATA compliance for dangerous goods
  • Personalised care given to every shipping order

Available for TCL shipments

  • Validated packaging
  • Dry-ice and Gel-packs
  • Temperature loggers
  • Customer Service support that exceeds expectations

Packaging Design and Validation

  • Get our experts to evaluate your requirements and advise you on packaging and temperature control options that suit your needs
  • No compromise on maintaining the integrity of your temperature controlled items
  • We factor in safety to take of any unexpected transit delays

Supply Chain Services

  • Distribution, packaging, expertise, process information, and service support to achieve movement of temperature-controlled products.

Response and Transit Time

  • All TCL shipments travel on NFO mode — our transit times are the fastest in the industry
  • We are available and at Your Service 24/7

Regulations and Our Capability

  • We take the time to understand your regulation and clearance requirements
  • Pre-planned and well-managed customs clearance at domestic and international ports

10+ Years of Experience and Thousands of Special Services Jobs

  • Our standard operating processes have been honed over more than 10 years of experience
  • Our TCL services are highly customizable
  • Package tracking is available and communicated to customers by the hour
  • All TCL jobs are pre-planned in every aspect from documentation, space booking, managing transit times, customs clearance to delivery

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