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TCL Peak Summer Challenges and Wins!

COVID19 2020 Summer Challenges

Perhaps the month of June, 2020 has seen AJW handle the longest and most enduring job ever. Among all the exceptions that COVID19 has imposed, the most common has been the closure of Domestic Airline Services in several countries. When you move a Temperature Controlled shipment (TCL) and are faced with the lack of Airline Service to carry freight you are looking at multiple issues to resolve.
Transit times that grow manifold, the requirement of handlers multiplying, Refrigeration and Cold  Chain mechanisms becoming complicated and many more   To execute the job the only option available was a refrigerated vehicle (TCV). When you have this situation and distances of several thousands of kilometres, it is not a tough job anymore but a formidable one ?.
When our  customer in London nominated AJW Express for multiple jobs in Pakistan in one lot, little did they know, far away as they were and immersed in their own research, that ~ In Pakistan there were no domestic flights
~ And that distances between the International Airport of freight arrival and the destination for each of the several jobs were spread over a 1000 km
~ And most of all, the temperatures were soaring above 45° C or 113° F at all the delivery points.
To be of service to a customer who needs any kind of support logistically, is the mission of AJW Express. All the above hazards and others,  to do with documentation, providing expedited Customs Clearance, driving out immediately from the Airport to the individual destinations in a Temperature Controlled Vehicle and many other exigencies are all part of the package provided to the customer. We enjoy handling such tough jobs and derive great pleasure from being the ones that excel in such Services!!
The Export from London happened as planned. The job was setup for Customs clearance well in advance and all the required Docs were arranged to perfection. To complete this set up AJW EXPRESS had to work for weeks.
When the consolidation arrived in the first week of June four of the five AWBs got released the next day (Day 1). And the fifth on Day 2. These are the intricacies of such Clearances in the Countries we work in, when even your being on top of everything and when your work is pro-active / fail proof one has to wait an extra day!
The extraordinary delivery program that we had to follow were the below:
The total drive was 1700 kilometres. And the delivery took 3 Days to complete.
Each location was a minimum of between 2 and 5 hours apart by the TCV.
Delivery had to be done only to the Doctor at the Department in the Hospital that was noted as the Consignee.
The Hospital or the Doctors hours of availability were limited to just a few hours (perhaps 4) on their working day.
The delivery formality in each Hospital was long and arduous each taking hours and tested the patience the delivery staff who were working non stop for 3 days.
In the end the Service performance was meticulous and the shipper and all those who were part of the Customer chain were more than happy. A job that was complicated and had several worrisome details and cumbersome routing was executed just as committed by AJW EXPRESS SERVICE PVT LTD.
Today, we know, in our Business, that though Historic, this job is History! We are however much the stronger with many learnings from it and ready, excited and waiting for even more daunting ones !!

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UK based

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June 9, 2020

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