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Human Eggs to GEORGIA


When Dr _______, a highly successful specialist in Reproductive Medicine had to move her shipment in A CRYO SHIPMENT at Minus 80 and lower and deliver to a Hospital in 24 hours there was not a single Service Provider for the job that she could trust for the door-to-door job

Limitations with existing solutions

Lack of end to end Service Capability, Lack of supply of Dry Shipper, and the comfort level and confidence to the Doctor and her Team.

How AJW helped

AJW with its Global capability provided the Dru Shipper all the Documentation support, Airline Frieght booking for Freight to arrive well on time, Customs Clearance and finally the delivery itself on time.


The Doctor was delighted and absolutely relieved that a complicated surgery planned over month for which the eggs were the most essential requirement was delivered safely, with its Temperature integrity perfect and its arrival as Promised and committed!!

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July 10, 2020

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