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COVID Testing Kit


Perishable import requires advance filing of Bill of Entry for Clearance in 2 to 3 hours. This Shipper did not supply the same. Dry ice (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO LOCK DOWN) had to be topped up on arrival. Shipment had to be delivered within hours of arrival and lodged in consignee’s lab for safety and integrity of the whole shipment.

Limitations with the Existing Solutions

The Shipper could not find a Service Provider capable of handling all the requirements.

How AJW Helped

AJW with its experience of over a decade of handling Perishable goods had to make up for each of the deficiencies. To overcome the dry ice issue the shipment had to be cleared immediately on arrival. To overcome the delay of clearance in 2 days for normal shipment AJW ensured the shipment was cleared in a few hours knowing Special permissions could be sought for COVID specific imports with Special Permissions from the Senior most Officers for a Perishable item especially during COVID time as this was as a COVID related Pharma item.


A Flawless clearance and delivery Service by AJW at Kolkata making all concerned heave a sigh of Relief when the shipment arrived well within the specified time with the packing integrity and Temperature and all other original parameters safe and as required.

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July 10, 2020

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